Cinema 4D Broadcast

The 3D Motion Graphics Powerhouse

One grand prize winner will be awarded a full copy Cinema 4D Broadcast which includes everything from the complete MoGraph Toolset, polygonal modeling tools, GI and ambient occlusion, particles, and much more. Our judging panel ultimately decides the winner, but you can make your voice heard about which entries you think should win by giving PROPS to your favorites.


Paper Plate Award winners don’t get anything but bragging rights and self-satisfaction.
Nominate entries using the drop-down under each submission.

Eye-Candy Crown

Sweet animation with tasty visuals

LOL Master

It's a laughing matter

Very, Very Clever

Smart content and storytelling

Most Innovative

Bright use of Cinema 4D Lite

Best Animation

The one with the best moves

On-Topic Award

On-the-mark subject matter

Integration Champion

Best use of After Effects with Cinema 4D Lite